Chicago Public Schools Students in Temporary Living Situations is the parent program of Chicago HOPES. STLS upholds the federally mandated rights of and provides services to CPS students who are homeless or in temporary living situations. Below find an introduction to the STLS definition of homelessness and the legal rights of students in temporary living situations. 

Definitions of Homelessness 

  • Individuals who are "doubled-up"; this includes anyone living in someone else's house, be it friends or family, due to financial hardship. 
    • Individuals who are "doubled-up" may be forced to leave at any time. 
    • "Doubled-up" families encompass the largest amount of children enrolled within the CPS Students in Temporary Living Situations (STLS) program. 
  • Individuals living in shelters. 
    • This includes those displaced due to domestic violence.
  • Individuals residing in other inadequate, non-traditional forms of housing. 
    • For example: streets, cars, motels, parks, tents, storage facilities, abandoned buildings and the like. 

Rights of Homeless Students 

Congress passed the McKinney Vento Act in 1987 and reauthorized it in 2009 along with No Child Left Behind. This law gives homeless students the right to the following: 

  • Continuous enrollment in their school of origin (the school attended when last housed) or immediate enrollment in their attendance area school, for as long as they remain homeless or until the end of the academic year in which they become permanently housed. 
  • Transportation assistance to the school of origin.
  • The ability to immediately attend the enrolling school without presenting the required documents (birth certificate, immunization record, proof of homelessness, etc.) 
  • Waiver of mandatory school fees including uniforms (if required) and school supplies. 

More Information 

If you would like more information regarding the rights and services provided by CPS for students who are homeless please visit the Students in Temporary Living Situations' website

Those who in temporary living situations who require assistance and those who work with families in temporary living situations may contact the STLS main line at (773) 553-2242. You may also inquire about scheduling an STLS training for your organization, school, or agency staff.