What is Enrichment? 

In addition to our homework help and math and reading programs, we provide enrichment programming to our students about 8 times each semester during the school year. These are special workshops for a portion of a day's tutoring time, in subjects such as visual arts, creative writing, nutrition, hands-on science, teamwork, or other topics related to personal development. 

The enrichment program offers a creative outlet to the students of Chicago HOPES who might not otherwise have opportunities to explore their talents and potential. Additionally, enrichment enhances the developmental and academic well-being of students through alternative modes of learning. 

Become an Enrichment Volunteer 


Chicago HOPES is looking for individuals who are experienced in the arts, sciences, or social skills development and would be willing to share their talents with the children living in homeless shelters around Chicago. Enrichment volunteers are integral to our program as we call on them to plan lessons around their specific area of expertise. Such volunteering requires a strong commitment to creating rare and exciting opportunities for homeless youth.

Enrichment partners will be responsible for anywhere from 3-6 lessons during the semester lasting approximately 60-90 minutes each - the exact amount of time can be discussed. In the past, enrichment programs have focused on the areas of: creative writing, painting, drawing, film/video, dance, music recording, theater, photography, science activities, community building, anti-bullying initiatives, and personal development. 

Enrichment activities are administered on weekday afternoons when HOPES students will NOT have other homework (such as ISAT testing days). 


Past enrichment examples available on our enrichment spotlight page. 

Inquire with Pat Rivera (pat.c.rivera@gmail.com or (224-585-4482) for more information. 

Video of recent enrichment sessions (via Lisa Difranza, Cornerstone tutor and enrichment leader):