Learn - Articles on Homeless Education

The 2009-2010 school year saw record-setting numbers of homeless students within Chicago Public Schools - 15,027.  

Also find links to other organizations working in Chicago and nationally to combat homelessness or to advocate for the education of homeless children. 

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Articles on homelessness/homeless education

Chicago News Cooperative: Advocates: Back to School Push Missing Key Piece

Article on transportation options for students experiencing homelessness. 

Catalyst Chicago: Drama in their lives

Feature article examining increasing homelessness and its connection to soaring truancy rates. 

Crosscut (WA): More students in Washington are homeless

Multi-article series charting the McKinney-Vento Act and how Washington state school districts are addressing the increasing numbers of homeless students. 

Seattle TimesInvisible Families: The homeless you don't see

A multi-part, multi-media series on various families in a variety of temporary living situations and the challenges they face. 

Chicago TribuneChicago students survive homelessness, move on to college

The inspiring story of how 3 different students, despite being homeless, have graduated high school and are working to obtain college degrees.

Chicago TribuneIncreasingly, Families Taking Shelter Anywhere they Can

Living conditions are redefined for some families as they face the loss of their homes.