Current Program

Winter/Spring 2014 Program Sites  | January 27 - May 15 

Cornerstone Community Outreach

Location: 4628 N. Clifton Ave. Chicago, IL 606014 (Uptown) 

When: 5:00-6:30pm, Monday-Thursday 

Transit/Parking: Wilson Red Line/Limited Street Parking 

Madonna House

Location: 1114 W. Grace St. Chicago, IL 60613 (Lakeview) 

When: 3:30-5:00pm, Monday-Thursday, Sunday  

Transit/Parking: Sheridan Red Line/Parking Lot Available 

House of the Good Shepherd 

Location: Chicago, IL (Lakeview) 

When: 3:30-5:30pm, Monday-Thursday 

Transit/Parking: Sheridan Red Line/Parking Lot Available 

San Jose Obrero Mission Shelter

Location: 2408 S. Albany Ave. Chicago, IL 60623 (Pilsen) 

When: 5:00-6:30, Monday-Wednesday 

Transit/Parking: Kedzie Avenue Pink Line/Street Parking Available 

During the school year, Chicago HOPES for Kids provides homework help and math and literacy reinforcement to K-8 students living in Chicago homeless shelters. In anticipation that our students will have little-to-no homework they will participate in a series of hands on activities to learn more about the world around them.